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"I’ve been in the food business for about three years now and I’ve experimented with many different seasonings and flavors. I can say without a doubt that my best dishes were seasoned with Mo Betta’s secret spice! The spice has a perfect combination of heat, blended with just the right amount of subtle sweetness and you can use the mixture on anything from ribs, string beans, fries or even eggs. The Mo Better spice pairs so well with poultry, it should be illegal! That spice turned my last year’s thanksgiving into a flavor dance-off extravaganza!!! I was seriously upset when I couldn’t get any for this year’s thanksgiving! Take it from this chef who cooks each and every day... Mitch’s Mo Better All Purpose Spice Blend is the real deal!!!"

Kevin Glover- Glover’s Grill

First time I had Mitch’s Mo Better chicken I was at a county fair! Thinking we were just grabbing a quick bite we grabbed some Mo Better chicken! It turned out to be some of the tastiest juiciest chicken I had had in awhile! The chicken was seasoned to perfection an had a fresh soulful taste! Never the less my family ordered more and turned that snack into family dinner! It was so delicious I took Mitch’s info an had him cater my son’s 7th birthday party an my wife’s surprise party! Both events were a success and da food was delicious! Mo Better also makes delicious sides as well to accommodate his chicken they were just as tasty! From his Mac n cheese to his collard Greens and yams I had no complaint his prices are very fair as well!!! All in all I recommend you check out Mitch’s Mo Better for a wonderful eating experience very professional and clean!!!

A happy customer

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